Yesterday, a few locals assembled at 775 US-302 in Bartlett, New Hampshire to witness something they’ve waited decades for: the new lift towers being put into place for the Summit Triple’s replacement. Others, like myself, tuned into the Attiash Mountain Village’s live feed, which showed a helicopter dropping off the lift towers.

This helicopter project was moved from its original fly date of last week due to inclement weather. The helicopter fly-in installed all except one of the lift towers. This installation process was thanks to the teams at Leitner-Poma of America and CHI Aviation. With the top terminal installed, work will commence on the base terminal.

The Mountaineer Express will make the trip to the top much quicker, and reduce lift lines at the ski resort. The new high-speed detachable quad’s capacity per hour will be 2400 guests, a massive improvement over its predecessor’s 1500-person capacity per hour. The ride time will be a little bit over six minutes, a horse’s pace compared to the Summit Triple’s 16-to-18-minute voyage.

Attitash’s new chairlift is on schedule to open during this December’s Holiday Week.

Image Credits: Attitash Mountain Resort, Attitash Mountain Village

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