Earlier this summer, we talked about the company working to bring hologram ski goggles back into the world. It’s been quite a long time since the old Scott hologram goggles could be spotted around the ski slopes and throughout other extreme sports. Did they really serve any purpose other than looking sweet? No, but they did look sweet, and that’s what ALL SZN hopes to bring back into the world.

When we last discussed ALL SZN, they were just a kickstarter campaign with around $11,000 raised. Today they have a fully functional and pretty sweet website where you can (obviously) purchase the goggles, learn about the company, and find out a bit more. They also have a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, where you can stay up to date on their gear. But you’re probably not here to learn about that, you’re here to learn about the goggles themselves.

I managed to get my hands on a pair of the Blink 180° goggles (with the limited edition strap) and I can confidently say after a sunny day on the Colorado slopes that they look sweet. There’s no doubt about that in my mind. They bring back the fun of the original hologram goggles without making them look dorky or overly 90s. They look, frankly, very 2023.

Fit wise, they’re quite comfortable. I choose to wear my goggles under my helmet and I didn’t have much of a problem with the strap or band adjusters underneath. A silicone wave inner layer on the band does a great job at preventing the strap from slipping around on your head, and the strap adjustment is plenty easy.

The Lenses

In terms of the lenses (the real meat and cheese of this product), the ALL SZNs are excellent. Like I already mentioned, they look sweet from the outside, no doubt about that, but on the inside, you can only just barely make out a bit of the hologram. My biggest concern with these goggles was whether or not the design would be a distraction for the wearer, but you can only spot slight portions of it if you’re actively looking. When you’re on the slope, actually moving around, you definitely won’t notice it.

The lenses did great in the light, too. It was a fully gorgeous sunny day here in Colorado, and the ALL SZNs did a great job at keeping the sun and glare out of my eyes. Plus, I had no problem with fog, even with mt mask pulled up over my face. I’m always a bit uneasy about fully magnetic lenses in ski goggles, but the ALL SZNs features some pretty darn hefty magnets. The lenses require a descent amount of force to actually remove, so losing them after a fall is unlikely. Magnetic lenses means it’s easier to swap them out, a huge positive towards the design.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts? The ALL SZNs are sick. I really don’t have any complaints. They look sweet, they feel sweet, and they work darn well.

As of today, ALL SZN has four lenses available to the public. The Blink 180°, featuring a red design with some sweet mountains on the lens, the Out Cold, featuring a vibrate purple mountain design, the Carvey Two-Face, featuring two separate colors split down the middle, and the Orange Topo Tint, featuring a low-light topographic design perfect for those cloudy days on the mountain.

The goggles themselves run for $165 (which obviously includes the frame and a lens), and the additional low-light lens (currently works only on the Blink 180°) is just $40. For a pair of goggles with 100% UV protection, magnetic lens swapping, and anti-fog & scratch resistance, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

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