The best place to be on a hot summer day is at the lake. Whether you’re tubing, swimming, wakeboarding, waterskiing, whatever. Just being by a lake when it’s hot makes everything so much better.

Finding the best ways to launch yourself into the lake, now that’s peak summer activity. Water trampolines: absolute blast. Water slides: so much fun. Those giant tubes where you sit on one end and someone jumps onto the other, flying into the sky: truly wild. Massive flyswatter that launches you off a ladder into the water: what?

Now, unfortunately, this giant flyswatter appears to have been created solely for these guys and their crazy stunt adventures, so you won’t be trying it anytime soon. The good news is that we won’t be reading any news of someone getting seriously injured by this contraption anytime soon.

I don’t know, I think this seems like a recipe for disaster. I’m pretty darn certain that I’d belly flop or back slap really hard trying this myself. Also, as someone mentioned in the comments, if you let go of the ladder too early and fell just right, the metal bar could whack you on the way down. Not to criticize the guys in this video. If they feel comfortable doing stuff like this, then all the power to them. I just hope they have good insurance…

“The concept of a Human trampoline racket had been popping up in our brainstorming for years. This summer, we finally gathered the courage to commit to the idea and executed it. We presented the plan to Akrobat Trampolines they believed in it and gave us full support. And just like that it was time to put our plans into action.

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Image Credit: Dunking Devils Squad via Instagram

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