Image Credit: Michael Hart

“Parking in the canyon is a disaster. We need to take action.”-Dan Knopp, Mayor Of Brighton, Utah.

If you’re planning to make a trip to Big Cottonwood Canyon this winter, you will probably be paying for parking. KUTV reports that the Town of Brighton is considering adding paid parking reservations on the south side of SR-190. This paid parking reservation area would be from the trailhead of Willow Lake to the beginning of Guardsman Pass. Around 400 cars would have to reserve spots, with a cost of $10.

It should be noted that this is referring to the Town of Brighton, not Brighton Ski Resort. The ski resort, situated in the town of Brighton, will be introducing paid parking reservations for this upcoming winter.

Alex House, a snowboarder who frequents Brighton Resort, described to KUTV the challenges of getting up to Brighton Resort:

“You kind of have to plan your day around getting up there. It’s not really a casual experience anymore…My excitement to snowboard is still there, but it’s diminished. It’s just so hard to access the terrain where I feel at home.

The Town of Brighton hopes this is a temporary move and is working with UDOT, the US Forest Service, and the ski resorts on a more permanent solution. While the Town of Brighton won’t make money from this endeavor due to the costs of enforcing such a rule, they believe it’s needed to try to reduce the traffic disaster that is Big Cottonwood Canyon at the moment. A final decision is expected from the Town of Brighton this November.

Image Credits: Town of Brighton, Michael Hart

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