Two individuals died Friday night after a grizzly bear attacked the duo in Canada’s Banff National Park, according to the Calgary Herald.

External relations manager for the Banff field unit Natalie Fay explained in a statement that Parks Canada received an alert to the attack from a GPS device in the Red Deer River Valley. A specially trained response team mobilized when the alert came in around 8 p.m. on Friday, but poor weather halted an immediate rescue.

Weather conditions at the time did not allow for helicopter use, and the response team travelled through the night to the location by the groundThe response team arrived on-site at 1 a.m. and discovered two deceased individuals.” – Natalie Fay

The response team reportedly encountered an aggressive grizzly while in the area, allowing Parks Canada to euthanize the bear to protect public safety. The area surrounding the attack has since been closed to the public.

During the fall, bears are preparing for hibernation and the risk of surprise wildlife encounters increases. Bears are focused on drinking and eating as much as possible, making them less alert and less aware of their surroundings. Surprise encounters can be extremely dangerous for both bears and humans.” – Alberta’s Ministry of Forests and Parks

The (U.S.) National Park Service encourages those who plan to enter known bear country to stay aware! Keep an eye out of signs of bear activity, including fresh tracks, claw marks on trees, and animal carcasses. Know what kind of bears may be in the area, and stay aware around features that could hide a large bear. Hike in groups, and make plenty of noise while out and about so as to not surprise the animals. Never, ever, surprise a bear. If you see a bear before it sees you, slowly and calmly back away and keep an eye on the animal. You can learn more about bear safety here.

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Image Credit: Banff National Park via Facebook

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