Really cool e-bike hack shared by the good folks over at Craft&Ride who specialize in aftermarket accessories for Onewheels. This dude was blowing minds with his fiendishly simple Onewheel hack at the FloatLife Fest held in Old Fort, North Carolina. The pedal mechanism is a stroke of genius. Would love to give this puppy a sppin!

About FloatLife Fest 6:

 Welcome to FloatLife Fest 6!  We’re back where  it  all  started  for  2023…Western  North  Carolina! The full version of the largest Onewheel gathering on the planet takes place this year at Camp  Grier  in  Old  Fort,  North  Carolina,  September 14-17, 2023.

 FLF 6 is   hosting races on  the amazing manicured single track and paved  greenways of Camp  Greir Grier in  Old  Fort,  NC. Camp  Grier offers something for everyone of every skill level  and is perfect for some serious downhill racing  on  our  new  “built  just  for  Onewheel”  custom head  to head   race  course!  That’s  right!  We’re  working  with  The  G5  Trail  Collective  and  Camp  Grier  to  build  a  custom  1/2  mile  long  finals  course!  It’s  going  to  be  epic!   We’ll also have group rides,  the FLF Onewheel park and ramps, technical riding clinics with Pro riders  aka  “Float  with  the  Pros”, vendors, prizes, live stream of the event and a real good time with friends we haven’t seen in a while…or maybe haven’t even met yet. We’re  excited to meet you all!   Let’s go!
Come float with  us  at  Camp  Grier  in  Old  Fort,  NC and experience everything Onewheel at FloatLife Fest 6!

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