When ski resorts typically close for the season, they host events like slush cups and cardboard races. In stark contrast, the folks over at Nevados de Chillan host a downhill ski & snowboard race. Called the Campeones de Tres Marías, the timed downhill race is located on Tres Marías, which is the longest piste in South America.

Here’s an official description of the event from Nevados de Chillán:

With a history of 9 years, the Three Marías Champion is a timed speed race along the longest track in South America, a section of this incredible track will be the perfect setting where the runners must beat the clock through curves, straights of high speed, and sudden changes in slope to achieve the podium of the 3-Marie champion.

The video highlights of the race make it look pretty fun. The trail looks pretty flat, but it still looks like you can bomb down the slopes.

Nevados de Chillan is now closed to the public for the season, but they are currently hosting the 2023 Children’s National Ski Championship.

Image Credits: Nevados de Chillán 

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