The iconic blended Scotch whisky brand Cutty Sark chose a kickass partner to celebrate their 100 year anniversary when the tapped Warren Miller Entertainment’s shoulder to tour 30 ski towns to dish out tasty beverages and create content. Launched in the heart of Prohibition, Cutty Sark has always had a rebellious adventurous spirit that gels nicely with folks who call the mountains home. Cheers to 100 years!

When the classic whiskey brand Cutty Sark was looking for a wild ride, we knew hooking up with an iconic snowsports company was the way to go.

Warren Miller embarks to adventure into 30 ski towns across America, sampling the hell out of the Cutty product as well as creating content that spoke to the adventurous spirit in all of us. Livestreams with athletes, influencer bartending appearances, drink recipes at 12,000 feet inspiring those who dare to embrace their own spirit of adventure.

How’s this for a cocktail with a view?

A behind the scenes look around the filming of Warren Miller’s “Daymaker” with guest Lexi DuPont, Cam Fitzpatrick, and Connery Lundin.

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