We’re inching closer to ski season, which unfortunately means that we likely need to stop eating chips and get our bodies ready to go.

To avoid those aches and pains when you hit the slopes again, this workout video posted by Atomic Skiing will help you out. Earlier this month, Atomic Skiing and @UphillAthlete collaborated on a training program to get you ready for this upcoming winter. The forty-minute workout includes a warmup, strength training, a circuit, and a balance session.

So if you want to be in your best shape ever for ski season: put on some workout clothes, watch the workout below, and thank us later. For more workout ideas, check out the Uphill Athlete’s website.

Video Description: “Wherever your summer adventures take you, getting ready for skiing requires body and mind preparation. We collaborated with Uphill Athlete to develop a training program specifically catered to skiers, and we spent a day on the mountains with two of our athletes to see how they prepare for winter. Read more: https://www.atomic.com/get-ready-for-…

Image/Video Credits: Atomic Skiing

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