Hiker Trampled By Moose In Colorado Leads To Renewed CPW Warning
Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash

Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) is once again warning the public about moose safety after a hiker trampled a hiker near Divide, Colorado.

On Tuesday, September 12, two hikers with dogs spotted a cow moose and calf near the Crags Trail, just about three miles south of Divide. The hikers first spotted the moose around a mile into the trail, first stopping to observe and then attempting to go around while maintaining distance.

The moose continued to approach the duo, eventually causing one of the dogs (all three were reportedly leashed) to begin barking. In reaction, the moose charged and trampled one of the hikers. The hikers were able to run away after getting the animal off, but it continued to chase them down trial.

The duo was able eventually able to get to their cars, and the moose stopped its chase. The trampled hiker was able to head to a hospital where it was confirmed that they had only sustained minor injuries.

Photo by Zachery Perry on Unsplash

This incident is a reminder of why we warn everyone to respect wildlife and give them their space. We know Colorado residents love their dogs. But understand that moose see dogs as predators and react in defense of themselves and their young.” –  CPW’s Area Wildlife Manager for the Pikes Peak region Tim Kroening

This incident should remind Coloradans to give wildlife extra space in the backcountry. Avoid thick willow habitat in riparian areas, where moose and moose calf are feed or rest, always keep dogs on a leash, and back away slowly the way you came if there’s a wild animal on the trail ahead of you.

Watch the below video for more information on moose safety in Colorado:

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Featured Image Credit: Paxson Woelber, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons