“Did you know that 70% of wine’s carbon footprint comes from the glass bottles? Switching from glass to aluminum bottles that are made of 100% recycled material significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Join us in saying goodbye to single-use glass and embrace the aluminum!”

Let’s face it, canned wine is kinda synonymous with rot gut swill you buy at gas stations in a pinch, but there’s a new startup that is challenging that stereotype with a premium product that is far more sustainable than its counterparts in traditional glass bottles.

Here’s the deal, from the vine to your gullet there’s an inevitable carbon footprint that comes with wine production. What I hadn’t realized is 70% of that carbon footprint comes from glass bottles. Revelshine Wines recognized this outsized impact on sustainability and decided to make a high quality aluminum wine bottle that matches their high end wine. Interesting fact: every time aluminum is recycled, pound for pound, it saves 333 times the energy compared to glass.

The advantages of Revelshine’s aluminum bottles go beyond the obvious environmental benefits as they are impact resistant and resealable, making it an ideal option for those of us who need a bit more rugged vessel for our beverages of choice…think throwing a bottle in your pack before heading out for a day of skiing, hiking, mountain biking ect. Each twist top bottle of Revelshine holds 500ml of wine, the perfect amount to share with a couple friends at the top of a mountain after a long ski tour or banks of a river to commemorate a day of fly fishing.

The man behind the brand is Jake Bilbro, a 4th generation winemaker and grape grower from Sonoma. His bona fides in the wine industry are legit and so is his commitment to sustainable wine production. Revelshine has partnered with 1% for the Planet and has a stated goal to become the first wine company in the US to use 100% recycled aluminum, the gold standard in regards to carbon footprint reduction.​

If you’re an environmentally minded wine connoisseur but don’t want to sacrifice on quality, I highly recommend picking up a bottle of Revelshine. They are keeping it simple for the time being with sparkling, rosé, white, and red (all of which I’ve tried and are confirmed dope). Revelshine is now on sale in California, Colorado, Idaho and Utah.

“Taking world-class wine off the dining table and into the wild.”Revelshine

If you’d like to learn more about Revelshine’s story listen to THIS PODCAST with founder Jake Bilbro who discusses all things canned wine and how he hopes to usher in a new era of sustainability in the industry.

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