If you’re a snowboarder, there’s a good chance you’ve been around the BOA Fit System for quite a while. The first BOA powered snowboard boots hit the market back in 2001, and their popularity has only grown since then. On the other hand, the idea of a BOA Fit System is rather new in skiing. The technology really only hit its first alpine ski boots last year, but it made quite a splash in the market when it did so. So you’ve probably heard quite a bit about them at this point, but did you know as a company, BOA was born and raised in Colorado?

Gary Hammerslag, Californian surfer and snowboarder, moved to Steamboat, Colorado, in the mid 90s after selling his previous company. While snowboarding as much as he possibly could, Hammerslag imagined a way to improve the current lacing systems of snowboard boots at that time. This idea birthed what we now know as the BOA Fit System, with K2 and Vans becoming the first two companies to sign on as partners.

The BOA headquarters has since moved from the mountains to the city, with operations now based out of Denver. They have offices around the world, all working to bring the BOA technology to as many sports and industries as possible. We’ve seen the BOA Fit System in cycling for quite a while, with nearly every major company selling bike shoes that feature the technology. It’s also found in helmets of all kinds, providing a more comfortable and safer fit in the gear that’s meant to protect our skulls.

In bracing, BOA is helping to ensure a precision fit to keep our body parts functioning as well as possible, and that’s no where near the end. In so many other sports, ranging from golf to full blown mountaineering, the BOA Fit System can be found in boots, gloves, helmets, and so much more. Now, BOA is moving into trail running, and it all started right here in Colorado.

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Image Credit: BOA Fit System via Facebook