K2 Calling New BOA® Ski Boots "The Biggest Advancement In Skiing In 60 Years"

K2 Calling New BOA® Ski Boots "The Biggest Advancement In Skiing In 60 Years"


K2 Calling New BOA® Ski Boots "The Biggest Advancement In Skiing In 60 Years"


“The relationship between K2 and BOA® is stronger than cement. With two decades of progression under our belt, our teams got together to create the most important innovation in ski boots in sixty years with a laser focus on performance. K2 Skis Introduces BOA® Alpine. Full collection Fall 2023.”

BOA® has long been available on snowboard boots, bike shoes, golf shoes, even freaking bowling shoes but it never really made its way over to conventional ski boots…until now.

K2 just dropped a promo video for their BOA® Alpine (available fall 2023) and its got me all kinds of interested. K2 is calling it the biggest advancement in skiing in the past 60 years (and they ain’t no crackpot flash in the pan company).

What pray tell do they mean by all this….well K2 goes so far as to say boot-fitting woes will be a thing of the past and the hotspots we all have learned to dread will be a distant memory because you won’t have those damn overtightened buckles. Momma Mia, let it be true!

Peep the promo video, read the description bellow, let us know what you think (MORE INFO HERE):


BOA® on ski boots? Yep, you read that right. It’s the biggest advancement in skiing, let alone boot fitting in sixty years. You’ve seen this feature on snowboard boots, bike shoes, and even running shoes, so it’s about time we put our heads together with the minds at BOA® Fit System to bring something new to skiing, with a laser focus on performance.

Harnessing the power of a BOA® Fit System, K2 engineers got to work delivering our most adjustable fit with performance-enhancing features. The Recon 120 BOA® boots boast a redesigned lower cuff, with an all-new shell, delivering a tighter toe seal.

Say goodbye to all your boot-fitting woes, with the new Recon 120 BOA® . Its redesigned shell delivers a better “wrap,” and a more even pressure distribution across the foot. Gone are traditional pain hotspots caused by overtightened buckles, the Recon 120 BOA® boots are outfitted with a micro-adjustable fit, even pressure distribution and an unmatched heel hold.

We’ve named this all-new boot last our MultiFit™️ last, ranging from 97mm -104mm. Fitting a wide range of feet right out of the box and eliminating the need for both a “Low Volume” and “Mid Volume” fit.

There’s so much tech inside the Recon 120, it’s hard to know where to start. A heat-moldable liner provides the perfect balance between comfort and support. We’ve integrated internal and external J-Bars to ensure proper heel hold and made the toebox seamless, making the fitting process smooth as silk.

Building on the success of boot board technology, we’ve added customizable heel inserts to be able to fine-tune the feel. The boot board inside the Recon 120 BOA® comes with a rigid and responsive heel insert, and this boot also ships with a softer, damper, Harshmellow™️ insert for more impact absorption.

The leader in performance ski boots just got upped a notch. Get your eyes on (and your feet in) the new Recon 120 BOA®, and be a part of the next wave of ski technology. MORE INFO HERE

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