If you are planning to drive on Mt. Rose Highway (State Route 431) over the next couple of months, you could be dealing with some traffic. The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has announced that commuters should expect traffic delays and stoppages due to the installation of a new Gazex avalanche control system. The new Gazex is replacing the current system at the Summit of the highway. These delays will be happening during weekdays from late August until October. Helicopters will be delivering components of the new avalanche control system, which will lead to delays of less than thirty minutes.

The Mount Rose Highway connects Reno to Lake Tahoe. Back in 1992, NDOT installed a remote-controlled avalanche system that’s located next to the summit of the Mt. Rose Highway. This helps reduce the risk of avalanches when the road is open to the public. When there’s heavy snowfall, NDOT stops traffic and uses the system, which releases the loose snow toward the highway. Plow crews clear the snow, and then reopen the route.

Other projects that the US Forest Service is working on over at Mt. Rose Highway include repairing restrooms, sidewalks, curbs, and walkways. In addition, they are repaving and striping the parking lot at the Mt. Rose Trailhead.

For more information, go to dot.nv.gov or by calling (775) 888-7000. For the most up-to-date information, go to their Twitter page @NevadaDOTReno. We are still calling it Twitter here because X is a stupid fucking name and it will go down as one of the worst rebrands ever.

Image Credits: Alex Van Raalte (Featured image and photo above), Google Maps

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