Truly hectic sequence of events caught on video on Mont Blanc’s Grand Couloir also known as the Gully of Death. Though it is quite dangerous (3.7 fatal accidents per summer season) Grand Couloir is the most popular mountaineering routes used to reach the Mont Blanc summit. Thankfully this climber who was pinned down on the face during a rock collapse was eventually rescued. If want to know why wearing a helmet is really really good idea while mountaineering fast forward to the 2:42 mark and you’ll see for yourself.


The Mont Blanc Grand Couloir is a renowned and formidable geographical feature nestled within the Mont Blanc Massif, part of the French Alps. Known for its challenging nature and striking beauty, the Grand Couloir is a steep and narrow gully that descends from the Aiguille du Midi, a towering peak, down towards the glacier-covered valley below.

This natural formation holds a significant place in the hearts of mountaineers, skiers, and adventure enthusiasts. Its precipitous slopes, jagged rock formations, and often treacherous snow conditions make it a coveted yet perilous route. Many see it as the ultimate test of skill, courage, and stamina, and it has become a rite of passage for those who seek to conquer its slopes.

The Grand Couloir attracts experienced skiers and mountaineers from around the world, drawn by the allure of the adrenaline-pumping descent and the breathtaking scenery. However, its notoriety also stems from the inherent risks it poses – the narrow passage can funnel falling debris and avalanches, adding an element of danger to an already demanding journey.

The dynamic interplay of awe-inspiring natural beauty and the intense physical and mental challenges it presents has elevated the Mont Blanc Grand Couloir to iconic status in the realm of extreme sports and adventure. It stands as a symbol of human tenacity and a reminder of the formidable power of nature, coexisting in a delicate balance that continues to captivate and inspire all who dare to face its slopes.

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