I-70 in Colorado is among America’s most stunning highways, but it also is a challenge to get through. Severe weather, relatively sharp curves, narrow tunnels, and insurmountable traffic make it a tough trip during the winter. Despite this, it’s still an incredible drive due to the amazing 360-degree views.

There are some interesting caveats with I-70, with hazmat vehicles not being allowed in the Eisenhower Tunnel due to fire risks, forcing them to use the harrowing Loveland Pass.

Last week, Wendover Productions covered how I-70 was built, and the challenges of keeping it open in the modern day. Wendover’s covered some big-time outdoor issues in recent months, like the corporate consolidation in the ski industry and crowding in the national parks, so it’s cool to see him cover another thing that Outdoorsy people care about.

Some changes are on the horizon for I-70, including the reconstruction of the Floyd Hill portion, which is under construction right now.

The video from Wendover Productions is below.

Image/Video Credits: Wendover Productions

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