How Corporate Consolidation Is Killing Ski Towns

How Corporate Consolidation Is Killing Ski Towns


How Corporate Consolidation Is Killing Ski Towns



The ski town housing crisis is no secret, but it’s now getting attention from one of the most popular YouTubers out there. Sam Denby over at Wendover Productions is one of the best YouTubers when it comes to detailed analysis, and this video is no exception.

He broke down how Vail’s Epic Pass helped save the ski industry from plateauing visitation numbers in the early 2010s through a subscription model. He then dives into the perils that came with this strategy, especially regarding affordable housing. He describes the current situation as a devil’s bargain. You can only have two of the three desires: nature, a liveable town for workers, and income. Having all three remains a nearly impossible challenge.

He focuses on the town of Vail for the most part but also dives into Crested Butte, which was considered for many years as the last great Colorado ski town. Following the acquisition of Crested Butte by Vail Resorts, housing prices skyrocketed, leading to a multitude of issues.


Image/Video Credits: Katie Musial, Simon Buckmaster, Caleb Jack, Wendover Productions

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