Have a look at this funky little off-grid living space that uses its occupants as a supplemental power source.  The Zoobox is a 4-season cabin FOR RENT in Eastman, Quebec that includes an energy wheel hooked up to a dynamo so you can top off the cabin’s batteries as you walk. Really like the try before you buy concept for off-grid living, if you’re interested in learning more GO HERE

  • Large open room of 350 p 2
  • Can accommodate from 1 to 6 people
  • Gas stove, stove, bodum coffee maker, set of dishes and pots (including liquid and fondue bowl!)
  • TV and CD-DVD player (only) and popcorn machine (oil and corn included)
  • Small shower room
  • Bath and shower
  • No need to bring your towels! Bedding and bath towels are included (change is not made during the stay)
  • Courtesy Kit: Toilet Paper and Dish Soap
  • Wood or pellet stove (wood and pellets provided)
  • Propane auxiliary heater
  • Outdoor site for campfire
  • Small, low-voltage refrigerator (an extra cooler is suggested)
  • Wireless Internet available in limited quantities (additional charge)
  • Small barbecue (propane included)
  • Hammocks (chair type) hanging
  • Kitchen table on wheels

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  images from levertendre IG