Wild video out of Argentina where a chairlift at Cerro Chapelco Ski Resort in San Martín de los Andes began billowing smoke over the weekend. Rio Negro reports one of the chairlifts auxiliary diesel motors was the source of the smoke. Although the video is concerning, ski resort administrators say it wasn’t dangerous and merely a result of the motor being turned on:

“The ignition of the combustion engine does not present any type of danger for the means of elevation, and much less for the people who were in the place”.

The chairlift had reportedly stopped due to electrical issues and thats when they fired up the aux motor. Skiers and snowboarders on the chairlift were temporarily stuck but eventually were able to unload at the top station.

I’m sure there are some lift ops folks reading this that will have a thing or two to say about proper upkeep of backup motors. Let us know what you think.

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