Windstorm litters trees on building at Yellowstone National Park

A major windstorm blasted Yellowstone National Park on Monday, June 3, blowing over hundreds of trees and leaving buildings damaged throughout the Lake Village area. According to a news release from the park, there have been no reports of major injuries or deaths.

Monday night’s storm event hit the Lake area very hard. The National Park Service team and our partners quickly stabilized the situation and got recovery efforts started immediately.” – Park Superintendent Cam Sholly

Major amounts of tree fall surrounded the Lake Hotel, Lake Medical Clinic, Bridge Bay Campground, and other buildings in the area. Both the hotel and medical clinic lost power for around 24 hours. Trees actually struck several buildings in the area, including one adjacent to the hotel.

Crews have been working since Monday to clear the debris and they will likely continue throughout the next week. Park employees conducted damage assessments and crews restored power to most of the area on Tuesday. As of Wednesday, July 5, Bridge Bay Campground is still without power.

Windstorm litters trees on building at Yellowstone National Park

CNN reports that gusts as high a 73-mph hit Teton Valley, where a significant portion of the park is located. There are currently no temporary closures in the area in relation to the storm.

During the storm, several hundred trees were blown down throughout the area including around the Lake Hotel, Lake Lodge, Lake Medical Clinic, Lake General Store, Lake employee housing areas and Bridge Bay Campground and marina. Multiple buildings and vehicles were struck by trees including a building that is adjacent to the Lake Hotel (see photos). This building and three cabins were evacuated and remain closed for cleanup and repairs.” – Yellowstone National Park

Those planning to visit the park can and should stay updated on current conditions through the Yellowstone National Park website. The park often posts updates and news releases to their social media pages, as well.

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Image Credit: Yellowstone National Park via Facebook

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