The internet is chock-full of product reviews. The prominence of online shopping relies on people’s ability to thoroughly research a product prior to making a purchase. With millions upon millions of reviews on the internet, some are helpful while some are not.

Amazon user ‘Cory H’ left a 5/5 review for a set of yoga pants she bought. It turns out Cory was wearing these pants on a hike when she encountered a steep rocky section she was afraid to walk down. Instead of walking, she decided to slide/roll down the rugged pitch. Her RAYPOSE yoga pants came out unscathed. They “did not rip even a little bit and I got stuck on rocks and trees.” The review was accompanied by an image of the incident.

If this author was in the market for a pair of yoga pants, the RAYPOSE would be a no-brainer. Thousands of others found this review helpful.


Images From: New York PostAmazon

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