“After about 25 minutes, Garrison Creamer returned to shore, boogie board in hand, and tried to avoid deputies by running through the large crowd that had gathered to watch. Deputies quickly caught up, and though Creamer fought, he was taken into custody on the sand dunes.” -The Bay County Sheriff’s Office

Absolutely peak Florida Man story out of Panama City where 38-year-old boogie boarder Garrison Creamer refused to exit the Gulf of Mexico after being ordered to due so by authorities due to hazardous conditions resulting in a helicopter being dispatched and slow speed foot chase.

USA Today reports Creamer was in the water during a double red flag day where only those tethered to a surfboard can enter the water. Creamer refused to heed to verbal warnings to exit the water.  Deputies were called to the scene and a helicopter was called in to get Creamer to comply with their orders.

After approximately 25 minutes Creamer came to shore, attempted to outrun the deputies and engaged in a short scuffle before being taken into custody. He was charged with violation of double red flag ordinance, obstruction of justice and resisting and battery on a law enforcement officer.