Heads up skiers and snowboarders, if you’ve ever wanted to own your own chairlift chair you should check out Buck Hill’s auction that went live today. There are 50 chairs up for bid and you need to pick them up in Minnesota by June 30th so if you’r out of state factor that in. They definitely have some patina for may years of service up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes but I think a bit of rust adds character. If you interested in placing a bid GO HERE.


Welcome to the online auction of Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Area’s historic center chairlift chairs! This exclusive event is your opportunity to own a piece of skiing history.

The auction will take place exclusively online, allowing participants from all over to bid on these iconic chairlift chairs. Mark your calendars, as the auction will run from June 21st, 2023, to June 28th, 2023. This week-long window gives you ample time to place your bids and secure your desired favorite chair!

Please note that the pickup date for the chairs is hard set for Friday, June 30th. It is essential to plan accordingly and ensure that you can retrieve your purchased chairlift chair on this designated day.

The chairs available for auction are from the historic Buck Hill center quad chair, a significant part of the ski resort’s legacy. Each chair offers a tangible connection to the rich history and memories of Buck Hill.

There are a limited quantity of 50 chairlift chairs available for auction. Due to their rarity and the high demand from enthusiasts and collectors, these chairs are expected to be highly sought after. This auction represents a last chance for you to bring the legacy of Buck Hill to your home, creating a unique and nostalgic addition to your space.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a piece of Buck Hill’s history. Join the online auction from June 21st, 2023, to June 28th, 2023, and mark Friday, June 30th, as the hard pickup date. Secure your desired chairlift chair and be a part of preserving the legacy of Buck Hill for generations to come.