“Loving the new electric modes of transportation? More speed and less effort means a different level of risk. VIRGO helmet has you covered when you reach high speeds in the wild urban jungle.”

If you live in any metropolitan area in the country, you have no doubt noticed the rapid proliferation of e-bikes on city streets.

Efficient, swift, fun…there’s a lot to appreciate about e-bike but there’s one thing that has become abundantly clear over the years, they are super fast right out of the box and not everyone who rides them is qualified to handle the increased speed in urban environments.

Its one thing to whip an e-bike on a trail or wide open roads but whipping around on crowded streets with cars and pedestrians to contend with gets sketchy quick.  Crashes happen and crashes on e-bikes in cities can be devastating.

To address the safety issue raised by e-bikes VIRGO has just debuted a new full face bike helmet aimed at e-bike commuters and the response has been overwhelming. They had a Kickstarter crowdfunding goal of $10,000 and have rocketed past it with $121,871 pledged with 33 days to go on the campaign (they were fully funded after one hour).

The full-face helmet is features lightweight construction (polycarbonate shell with a protective layer of EPS), optimal ventilation, and full facial protection in the event of a head-on collision. The detachable visor is pretty slick and will no doubt turn heads as you wait at stop lights.

Here’s the big thing, the helmet is specifically designed to fit the safety needs of e-bikes. It’s designed around the new European regulation NTA-8776, which is made for high speeds up to 28 mph.

If you or a loved one partakes in e-bike riding on city streets (or just go really fast on a regular bike) checking out this product. Right now you can preorder one for $99 but thats 60% off the MSRP of $249. SHOP HERE

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