Combination Tricycle/Boat/Camper Accepting Pre-Orders ($15,878)

Combination Tricycle/Boat/Camper Accepting Pre-Orders ($15,878)


Combination Tricycle/Boat/Camper Accepting Pre-Orders ($15,878)


“BeTRITON (formerly known as Z-Triton) is ready for outdoor enthusiasts who want to do long-distance adventures or short weekend getaways to explore the beauty of our blue and green planet in the most sustainable and extraordinary way. BeTRITON is 100% electric Amphibious Camper-Trike with a mission to shift the way people travel and engage with nature. It combines a boat, a tricycle, and a camper all in one and offers the freedom to travel both over land and water. Embrace the spirit of extraordinary and pre-order your own BeTRITON.”

I’ve had my eye on this startup out of Latvia who makes funky amphibious camper-trikes for a while and they are now accepting pre-orders for their first deliveries scheduled for 2023. You have to throw down a refundable $100 to reserve a unit from BeTriton, with the final price of $15,878 (shipping not included). Check out the demo video and if you’re interested in exploring purchasing options GO HERE:


This refundable 100 EUR reservation payment will count as a deposit towards the full price of your BeTRITON. The base price of one BeTRITON is set at 14,500 EUR depending on specification (excl. VAT, shipping). This is subject to minor changes and further product development. You will have the opportunity to configure your vehicle before your unit goes into production. For more information please check FAQ and Terms & Conditions.


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