Loveland Ski Area Patrollers & Paramedics Unionize

Loveland Ski Area Patrollers & Paramedics Unionize

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Loveland Ski Area Patrollers & Paramedics Unionize


“We’re all sort of one now, one collective group of people that are going to have that voice to express what we want in terms of our job, in terms of our benefits, in terms of our pay, in terms of our working conditions and it gives us the ability to fight together hand in hand.” –Kevin Donaldson

For the first time in the 85 year history of Loveland Ski Area, ski patrollers and paramedics have voted to voted to unionize with CWA 7781, The United Professional Ski Patrols of America, an organization supporting hundreds of ski patrollers.

KVDR reports more than 70% of patrollers and paramedics at Loveland Ski Area signed the petition to unionize which was submitted on February 14th. The results were finalized last Friday, April 14th.

Loveland ski patroller Kevin Donaldson has been instrumental in the organizing the push and wants the union to address issues better benefits, workplace safety and of course, higher wages.

“It’s a really exciting time at Loveland. We created a dialogue and now we have that voice with management and amongst our peers.”Kevin Donaldson

Loveland Ski Area released this statement in response to the recent unionization:

“We maintain that engaged collaboration through direct and open communication has led to some of the best working conditions in the industry. While this was not our desired outcome, we respect the decision and remain committed to our employees. We will continue to comply with all applicable labor and employment laws, will bargain in good faith with union representation, and will continue to support all our employees.” 

Donaldson believes their effort demonstrates that everyone can have a voice.

“It’s a really exciting time for the ski industry in general. It’s proof in the pudding that you don’t have to be owned by Vail or Aspen or any of these big corporations to have a union.”  

The Loveland Professional Ski Patrol will now focus on organizing and preparing for their first contract negotiation as a union.

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