Ingenious Motorist Recued From Snow After Tying Phone To Drone

Ingenious Motorist Recued From Snow After Tying Phone To Drone


Ingenious Motorist Recued From Snow After Tying Phone To Drone


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The Lane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue (Oregon) team has shared an incredible story about a recent rescue that took place in Willamette National Forest.

Here’s a summary of the long story shared in a recent Facebook post:

A man was driving his car on a remote, unplowed road within Willamette National Forest when his vehicle got stuck in the snow.

He tried to call for help, but didn’t have any cell reception.

To make matters worse, the man’s family was out of the country, and he didn’t tell anybody where he was headed before venturing out.

In desperation, the man typed out a text to a friend explaining his situation, tied his phone to his drone, and flew it high above the tree line. It eventually reached a point where it was able to send the text.

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^Reenactment of the man’s call for help

The friend then contacted The Lane County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, and a team was dispatched to rescue the man.

Incredible story, right?

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office is applauding the man for doing a couple of things correctly in this situation:

“Regardless of the circumstances leading to his situation, once stranded this person made several smart decisions.

First, he stayed with his vehicle. Rarely does anyone in Oregon die from exposure waiting in their vehicle to be found and rescued, but we have unfortunately seen many poor outcomes from those who chose to walk away.

Second, he used some ingenuity to find a way to call for help.”

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The Sheriff’s Office is using the story as an opportunity to teach others some important winter travel safety messages:

1) Forest Roads are not maintained for winter travel. Any attempt to travel on unmaintained snow or ice covered roads (no matter how much or little) should only be made with a group of well-equipped vehicles. If one vehicle becomes stuck, the other vehicles can attempt to free the stuck vehicle or can turn around and be used to drive everyone back to safety.

2) Always tell a responsible person EXACTLY where you are going, and when you expect to be back. Do not deviate from this plan. If a road becomes unpassable, turn around and go back the way you came, do not attempt a detour without first updating your plan with your emergency contact.

3) Of the dozens of missions we have had this winter involving a vehicle stuck in the snow, nearly all of them were 4×4 vehicles and almost all of the drivers told us “I didn’t think I would get stuck.” Instead of asking yourself whether you think you can get through a section of road, ask yourself “What will happen if I do get stuck?” If you (and the group of other vehicles you are traveling with) are not prepared to deal with any of the possible outcomes from an attempt, turn around and go back the way you came.

Stay safe out there, friends!

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