Kid Playing Hooky Rides Chairlift With Her Teacher (Hilarious)

Kid Playing Hooky Rides Chairlift With Her Teacher (Hilarious)

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Kid Playing Hooky Rides Chairlift With Her Teacher (Hilarious)


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Any good parent allows their kids to take a day off school when it snows hard enough.

The video below shows a girl who is skipping school for a powder day at Willamette Pass Resort, OR.

Her dad just happens to be recording as she realizes that the man sitting next to her is one of her high school teachers. Oops!

Check it out 😂:

*NOTE- Turn your volume all the way up. Their conversation is a little bit hard to hear.*

My daughter missed school due to a case of acute skiitis, and ends up on a chair with her teacher… from skiing

For those of you still trying to figure out the dialogue, I’ve done my best to transcribe it:

Teacher: “I always teach them that mental health is important.”

Girl: “Wait. What high school do you teach at?”

Teacher: “At South…” (hard to hear but safe to assume he says the name of her high school)

Girl: “Hi Mr…” (Again, hard to hear, but I’m assuming she says his name)

Teacher: “Who are you?” (He doesn’t recognize her with ski goggles and helmet on)

Girl: *Takes goggles off* *Says her name*

Teacher: *Laughs* “This awesome!”

Girl: “I heard your voice and was pretty sure it was you!”

Love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Shout out to both of them for skipping school for the mental health benefits of skiing powder.

Let this be a friendly reminder that life is hard, but skiing is fun.

You should go skiing more often.

Willamette Pass Stats/Info:

Vertical: 1,563 ft.

Skiable Acres: 555 ac.

Average Snowfall: 430 in.

Lifts: 5

Trails: 29

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