What If The 'Big One' Hits The PNW Tomorrow? (Watch)

What If The 'Big One' Hits The PNW Tomorrow? (Watch)


What If The 'Big One' Hits The PNW Tomorrow? (Watch)


It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest is due for a monster earthquake.

Locals have been anxiously awaiting for the ‘Big One’ to hit for decades, but it still hasn’t happened, yet.

YouTube channel Geography By Geoff explores what would happen if the ‘Big One’ hit tomorrow, and how it would change life for the millions of people that call the region home.

Check it out:

Geography By Geoff: “Off the coast of northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia sits the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a particular kind of fault line that will eventually unleash an earthquake not seen since the year 1700.

When it does eventually hit, it’s estimated to be the largest earthquake to ever strike the modern United States. Unfortunately, the Pacific Northwest has not prepared for such an incredibly devastating disaster. So what happens if it the big earthquake hits tomorrow?”

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