Mangy Moose Charges Car Head-On (Wildest Video)

Mangy Moose Charges Car Head-On (Wildest Video)


Mangy Moose Charges Car Head-On (Wildest Video)


Many Americans have to worry about hitting a deer while driving home on the backroads of this country, but a charging moose? Not so much.

Check out the wild video below of a moose calf charging head-on at a vehicle on a snowy and dark road in Norway:

“We had been driving on this snowy road when we saw this moose calf. We stopped the car when the moose started running towards us.”

“The moose became angry and it looked like it was about to attack the car when it decided to just leave us alone and run away.

It was a special experience. Nothing you experience often, not even in Norway. An attack would have caused great damage to our car, and luckily he ran away instead.”

It’s great that the moose didn’t actually hit the car, but at least she was recording to show insurance if it had…

Video evidence would surely make filing a claim about a head-on moose collision at little bit easier to explain.

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