Crafty Skier Grinds Chairlift Cable (Awesome Video)

Crafty Skier Grinds Chairlift Cable (Awesome Video)


Crafty Skier Grinds Chairlift Cable (Awesome Video)


Karl Fostvedt, aka Crazy Karl, has been a major player in the freeskiing scene for years now, but I think he regularly gets overlooked.

The dude has won Kings & Queens of Corbet’s twice, has appeared in major ski movies by Matchstick Productions and Toy Soldiers, and has even started producing his own movies with Brap Ski 1 & Brap Ski 2.

Fostvedt, who is originally from Ketchum, ID (Sun Valley), should still be on everybody’s radar as one of the best skiers on the planet.

The video below, while a few years old, shows Crazy Karl griding a chairlift cable at a ski resort in Chile. Check it out:

How is that I’d never seen that clip until now?

I’ve watch Karl doing all kinds of crazy shit on skis, but I had no idea there was a gem of him grinding a chairlift cable from 8 years ago.

I might have to revoke my unofficial title as ‘Best Ski Blogger’ for letting that one slip through the cracks.

Consider this my resignation.

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