FOR SALE: The Mt. Tremblant Village ($90-100 Million CAD)

FOR SALE: The Mt. Tremblant Village ($90-100 Million CAD)

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FOR SALE: The Mt. Tremblant Village ($90-100 Million CAD)


Have you ever wanted to own a ski village? The Montreal Gazette reports that Mt. Tremblant’s village has been listed for sale by LaSalle Investment Management. Back in 2018, LaSalle Investment Management bought the $68.1 million CAD. The bidding process, which has just begun, is expected to make the village sell for between $90-100 million CAD. Bids are due in about four weeks, with the village being expected to sell during the second quarter of this year.

Scott Speirs, who is the broker who’s overseeing the transaction, described how much demand there is for the village:

“Since we put the property on the market Thursday, our phone lines have been ringing non-stop. It’s a strong time to be putting it on the market. Our expectation is that we will have a mix of both institutional and high-net-worth investors who are going to look at this.”

The European-themed village has a little under 135,000 square feet of lodging, dining, and shopping. Eight hotels are situated around the village, with some of the most prominent shops being Burton, Columbia, Helly Hansen, and Salomon. The newest addition in the village is Lucille’s seafood restaurant, which opened last Friday. After Covid-19 caused a downer for Canadian tourism, it’s starting to pick up steam again due to loosened restrictions.

Image Credits: Mt. Tremblant

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