Irresponsible Hiker Climbs Into Mountain Lion Cave (Watch)

Irresponsible Hiker Climbs Into Mountain Lion Cave (Watch)


Irresponsible Hiker Climbs Into Mountain Lion Cave (Watch)


The video below was posted to TikTok by @llbhazzerd, who claims he:

“Got this footage of a mountain lion when (he) crawled 12 ft back in a cave”.

Why did he think it was a good idea to crawl 12 feet into a cave to mess with a mountain lion? We’ll never know.

For now, watch the video he captured, and join us in our disbelief:


Got this footage of a mountain lion when I crawled 12 ft back in a cave. #wildlife #closeup #sketch #cougar #mtnlion #cave

♬ original sound – Bartwyld

It probably goes without needing to be said, but deliberately climbing into a mountain lion’s cave is not a good idea.

Here are tips for what to do if you ever encounter a mountain lion from the US Forest Service:

  • If you spot a mountain lion and the animal is unaware of you, alter your route so that you will move away from its area.
  • Never approach a mountain lion especially one that is feeding or with kittens.
  • Most mountain lions will try to avoid confrontation. Always give them a way to escape.
  • Do not run. Remain calm. Hold your ground or back away slowly.
  • Continue facing the mountain lion, and maintain eye contact.
  • Do all you can to appear larger; Stand upright, raise your arms, raise your walking stick, open your jacket.
  • If you have small children or pets with you, try to pick them up without turning away or bending over.
  • Never bend over or crouch down, avoid looking like a four-legged prey animal . Again, Do not bend over to pick up a rock or stick off the ground. This action may trigger a pounce response in a mountain lion.
  • If the lion behaves aggressively, wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice, and throw objects like the water bottle in your hand. The goal is to convince it that you are not prey and may be dangerous yourself.
  • Try to remain standing to protect your head and neck.
  • If attacked, fight back!! Use rocks, jackets, sticks to turn away the mountain lions.
  • Report any mountain lion encounters or incident to the local Ranger District, or Fish and Wildlife Office.

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