Skier Falls Nearly 1 Mile Down Steep, Icy Slope (Watch)

Skier Falls Nearly 1 Mile Down Steep, Icy Slope (Watch)


Skier Falls Nearly 1 Mile Down Steep, Icy Slope (Watch)


What happens when you fall down a steep and icy slope in the Austrian Alps?

Just ask Stijn de Man.

He claims to have slid 1100 meters (3608.924 ft.), and probably would have kept going, if not for the safety netting that finally brought him to a halt.

He also claims to have been traveling 82 km/h (~50 mph) when he hit the netting.

Watch as he catches and edge, and goes for the ride of a lifetime:

Stijn de ManNote: I did not know about self arresting, now I do and I agree it would probably have been the best course of action.
location: Zillertal Arena, 42 (black piste)
Picture of the slope:…

A friend and I went skiing on a very steep and icy slope (closed the previous day, during which the top layer of snow melted and froze again), I fell and didn’t manage to slow down. I learned my lesson and I hope some of you will too! Be very careful on steep, icy slopes and learn how to self arrest! I got lucky and managed to get away with just a few bruises.

I had an GPS speed app on at the moment, I fell whilst going around 55 km/h, then I did manage to get back to 40 km/h, but after that the slope got steeper and steeper and in the end, when I hit the net, I was going about 82 km/h! So i guess we could agree the net did a marvelous job :)”

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