Sugarbush Resort Planning To Build Massive Employee Housing Facility

Sugarbush Resort Planning To Build Massive Employee Housing Facility

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Sugarbush Resort Planning To Build Massive Employee Housing Facility


“As employees receive their offer letters, more and more of them are asking about workforce housing. It’s something you know is happening in every resort community.”John Bleh, Public Relations and Communications Manager of Sugarbush Resort. 

Sugarbush Resort is aiming to solve its local affordable housing crunch. Seven Days Vermont reports that the ski resort has applied for permits for a new employee housing complex with the Warren Development Review Board.

They want to build a large employee housing facility on the three-acre plot of land which was the site of Rosita’s Restaurant. The building would have 16 studio apartments and 176 bedrooms, with shared living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas. Nearby, Sugarbush also wants to build three single-family homes.

Sugarbush is currently struggling to find places to house its employees. They use local inns to house employees during the wintertime and incentivize local homeowners to offer to house workers in exchange for lift tickets.

The Sugarbush Inn, which is typically held for guests, is being used to house employees this winter. Finding housing, including even highly-priced properties, is challenging.

Employee housing has become a chief focus for the Alterra Mountain Company. Over at Winter Park Resort, they’re currently constructing two apartment buildings for employees. Those buildings will be similar to the one being proposed at Sugarbush.

The proposal will be reviewed by the Warren Development Review Board on January 30th. Sugarbush is hoping to begin construction on it this summer.

Image Credits: Sugarbush Resort


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