Neon-Lit Ballet Skier Proves Night Skiing Is Cool (Watch)

Neon-Lit Ballet Skier Proves Night Skiing Is Cool (Watch)


Neon-Lit Ballet Skier Proves Night Skiing Is Cool (Watch)


Night skiing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

Dealing with low light, frigid temps, and (sometimes) icy slopes can be a challenge for the fair-weather skier.

But for those who work regular 9 to 5s, night skiing provides an ample opportunity to make turns on snow. That’s really all that matters, right?

The video below shows a skier who has decorated his skis with neon lights to shine bright on the slopes of Brighton Resort, UT.

Watch as he twirls, spins, and prances around the lit slopes of Big Cottonwood Canyon in an homage to the ballet skiers of yesteryear.

I love this dude’s energy. BDE? More like BSE for Big SKI Energy, am I right?

I would ski every night of the season at Brighton if it meant I could tail this dude to watch him spin around like a psychedelic top.

Night skiing is cool. You just have to be willing to make the most of it.

Fun fact- Brighton has one of the largest night skiing terrain offerings of any resort in North America.

Check out the trail map and stats below:

Night skiing runs Monday-Saturday from 4-9pm during the bulk of the season.

Lift ticket costs fluctuate, but you should be able to score a night pass for around $55 if you purchase in advance.

Click here for more info about Brighton Night Riding.

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