NSFW: Cheeky Influencer Spotted @ Big Sky

NSFW: Cheeky Influencer Spotted @ Big Sky

Big Sky

NSFW: Cheeky Influencer Spotted @ Big Sky


Influencers are a slowly growing plague on our society.

The video below shows scantily-dressed Gloria Vitalina exposing her bare cheeks for an Instagram photo-op on the slopes of Big Sky Resort, Montana.

Her stunt was noticed by a resort employee who asked her to cover up because children were around.

Check it out 😂

I’m all about body image positivity and all of that good stuff, but there’s a time and place for everything right?

Is it appropriate to drop your pants in broad daylight at a busy ski resort for Instagram pics? No. Probably not.

Big Sky Resort’s Instagram account responded to the video by acknowledging the employee’s efforts to shut this debauchery down.

Here’s their comment:

Shout out to the employee for confronting the bare-butt lady. I doubt that any ski resort worker ever expects to have to respond to such silliness.

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