“We could see anywhere from 42 inches up to 76 inches of snow. A lot of snow in the next few days.” –Kelsey James, Snowbird Creative Marketing Manager

Buckle up Snowbird skiers and snowboarders because there’s an epic storm heading your way.  KSL reports the iconic Utah ski resort is going into full deep pow prep mode including keeping critical staff members stationed on the mountain so they don’t end up stuck trying to get up or down the canyon.

“From hotel staff, and food and beverage staff, to our on-mountain patrollers and operators. People stay up here just to make sure we have everything and everyone we need to sort of get things open and keep the resort running.”

Avalanche mitigation work is critical for resort operations during intense snow cycles like the one approaching and ski patrol ready to go:

“We have avalaunchers, we have Wyssen Towers that are remote-operated detonators on slopes, we have our ski patrol gets out there with hand charges. We really just make sure the slopes are safe before we open to guests.”

Despite their best efforts some terrain may not open if its deemed unsafe and thats okay. Don’t duck ropes folks, if something is closed its for your own safety. Remember deep snow ski resort safety tips….ride with a friend, keep them in eye shot, wait for each other, don’t go out of bounds, be aware of treewell dangers. Be safe, have fun!

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