Baby Moose 'Beats Up' Wildlife Officer (Funny Video)

Baby Moose 'Beats Up' Wildlife Officer (Funny Video)


Baby Moose 'Beats Up' Wildlife Officer (Funny Video)


The video below shows an officer with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife getting ‘beat up by a young female moose.

The officer was releasing the moose back into the wild after tagging it when suddenly the moose starts to attack.

Make sure to turn up your volume on this one. The officer’s commentary as he’s getting trampled and kicked by the moose is absolutely hilarious.

“First time I ever got beat up by a baby moose!”

Gotta love this guy’s attitude towards the whole situation.

It seems like he understands why the moose is pissed off (she was tied up, bound, and blinded after all), but he’s still frustrated for it being so “nasty” towards him.

He plays off the situation pretty cool, but I’m sure getting attacked by a juvenile moose is terrifying. I’d probably have to change my shorts after taking a moose hoof to the throat.

Definitely going to save this video for the next time I’m in desperate need for a laugh. It’s solid gold.

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