Temps Plunge Below -50 Degrees Fahrenheit In Yellowstone

Temps Plunge Below -50 Degrees Fahrenheit In Yellowstone


Temps Plunge Below -50 Degrees Fahrenheit In Yellowstone


A massive cold front is bringing dangerously cold temps across the middle of the country.

From Montana to Georgia, folks will experience temps below 0 degrees Fahrenheit over the next two days.

Yellowstone National Park woke up this morning to temps well below 0 degrees.

Yellowstone Tour Guides is reporting that Elk Park, MT (north of Butte) has checked in at -50 degrees, it was -53 degrees this morning just north of Yellowstone, and -48.5 degrees in West Yellowstone.

Keep in mind that these are air temps without factoring in wind chill.

Wyoming and Montana have practically become an arctic tundra.

Here’s the full update from Yellowstone Tour Guides including ski resort closures across the region:

^Credit: Yellowstone Tour Guides

“It’s a chilly one out there with a temp of -39 at 0400 (It will likely get colder until just after sunrise)in West Yellowstone, MT. We saw a temperature at Elk Park, MT of -49 (these are air temps, not the wind chill). UPDATE: At 0730 West Yellowstone is -47”

“It is so cold the following ski areas in Montana will not be open today:
Red Lodge, Great Divide, Bridger Bowl, Lost Trail, Blacktail Mountain, Teton Pass, Showdown, Discovery Basin, Maverick Mountain and Montana Snowbowl.”

“The following ski areas in Wyoming will not open today: Antelope Butte, Hogadon, Snowy Range & Meadowlark Ski Lodge.”

Today is simply not the day to go outside if you’re in the Yellowstone National Park area. It’s too dangerous.

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