WATCH: Climbing With Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

WATCH: Climbing With Ehler-Danlos Syndrome


WATCH: Climbing With Ehler-Danlos Syndrome


A couple weeks ago, we shared a video highlighting one of The Climbing Academy’s Black Diamond Tribe Leaders, Gordon Robb (AKA Fat Old Climber). The Climbing Academy just released a new video highlighting Mary, a paraclimber with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and I thought I’d share it as well, cause it’s just as awesome as the last.

Mary’s been climbing for about six or seven years on and off, but when she was around 16 or 17, her doctors informed her that the climbing had to stop. 5 years later, she worked with a new medical team, going through intensive therapy for around a year so she could return to the wall. Upon returning the climbing gyms, Mary founded Access to Climb UK, a website dedicated to helping climbers with disabilities find accessible gyms throughout the United Kingdom.

You can, and should, give Mary a follow on Instagram @mary.paraclimber, and give this video a watch. I promise you it’s worth your time.

Image Credit: The Climbing Academy via YouTube

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