The battle over the proposed Palisades Tahoe Village is far from over. The Sierra Sun reports that the California ski resort has released a revised environmental impact report. This follows a California court rescinding all approvals of the project back in August. In spite of the arduous eleven-year battle between them and the Sierra Watch, Palisades Tahoe still wants to build it.

The plan features two parcels: the 85-acre main village at the base of Olympic Valley, and an 8.8-acre East Parcel. Some of the plans include a workforce housing unit for three hundred employees, a 90,000 mountain adventure camp building (with an indoor waterpark, rock wall, bowling alley, and more), a grocery store, dog park. and eight hundred fifty units/1493 bedrooms of hotels, condos, and timeshares. It should be noted that this plan is smaller than their original proposal by around 50%.

Dee Byrne, who is the President and COO of Palisades Tahoe, said the following about their updated environmental impact report:

“Our Village Specific Plan is one of the most thoroughly studied in the county’s history and was reduced by 50% from its original design based on community input. We remain confident in the plan previously approved. It has been resubmitted with the additional environmental work as requested by the appellate court and county.

The project will benefit the greater Tahoe region along with Olympic Valley by building on-site workforce housing and contributing an additional $500,000 toward affordable housing initiatives as determined by the county for the Tahoe region.

It will also generate approximately $7 million in additional TOT (transient occupancy tax) revenue, $97,500 in annual funding for TART, provide funding for significant environmental improvements to Washeshu Creek, an additional fire station and personnel in Olympic Valley, and ongoing funding through the Palisades Valley Foundation for important infrastructure and community-based initiatives in the valley and adjacent lands.”

You can read their revised Environmental Impact Statement here. A public meeting will take place on January 19th at 10 a.m. If you’re interested in going, you can go to the meeting at the North Tahoe Event Center, or watch via Zoom.

We’ll keep you posted about the latest developments on the Palisades Tahoe village proposal here at Unofficial Networks.

Image Credits: Palisades Tahoe

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