Skiing and snowboarding are… expensive sports. Gear is pricy, gas is pricy, and, most notably, lift tickets are insane. Around 20 resorts in the United States charge more than $200 for day tickets, and those numbers keep going up. As a result, skiing and snowboarding have become less and less accessible to those who can’t afford a full season pass or have no interest in being on the mountain for more than a few days in a season.

There are some areas across the country that continue to make the sport affordable. Yes, they’re generally quite small, but they allow they allow people to try skiing and snowboarding without much of a price commitment, and they deserve a lot of praise for what they do.

Michael McDaniel, Pat Fava and others set out to give those mountains that much deserved praise in Coal Headwear‘s THE AFFORDABLE SNOWBOARDING ACTThe video focuses mainly on the Midwest, so our East Coast and West Coast friends might not be able to actually take advantage of these areas, but it’s still worth the watch.

“In a world full of mega resorts with $200 lift tickets, paid parking lots, and sanity testing lift lines, does affordable snowboarding still exist? Michael McDaniel, Pat Fava, and friends set out on a Midwest road trip in order to find out.” – Coal Headwear

Image Credit: Coal Headwear via YouTube

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