Everyone knows skiing is expensive, and it’s only gotten more expensive over the years. With a large number of us buying multi-mountain passes or single-mountain season passes, however, it can be easy to forget how expensive single-day lift tickets are, and you might be surprised to see what the going rates are at your favorite mountains.

PeakRankings (a fantastic website and channel for ski resort reviews and other resort related analysis) has put together a fantastic ranking of the most insane lift ticket prices for this winter, including a solid explanation of what you get from those tickets and why they might be so expensive.

Few of the mountains on this list were much of a surprise, but finding out that there are around 20 resorts in this country charging more than $200 for a day pass was pretty shocking. One part of me doesn’t like super crowded resorts and doesn’t want to see a boat load of people in line at my favorite lifts, but the other part of me wants skiing to be accessible, and $200 tickets does NOT make for an accessible sport.

Image Credit: PeakRankings via YouTube

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