One of the oldest tourist attractions in Colorado is shutting its doors. The Echo Lake Lodge, which is on the road to Mt. Evans, is closing. The reasoning is that the Denver Mountain Parks elected not to renew its lease. 9 News spoke to Bill Carle, who is part owner of the Echo Lake Lodge. The announcement by The Echo Lake Lodge comes months after Bill’s sister and Manager of the lodge, Barbara Day, passed away from a battle with cancer. Additionally, they had bought $300,000 worth of merchandise for 2023 before the decision from Denver Mountain Parks, leading to a likely large financial loss.

The Echo Lake Lodge was built in 1926 by the City/County of Denver. The lodge was bought by HWStewart Inc., which is owned by the Carle family. They also operated the famous Mount Evans Crest House until it burned down in 1979. They rented rooms to guests until the early 1980s, but haven’t done so since. In recent years, they ran the property as a gift shop and a restaurant. The lodge was known for its donuts, blueberry pie, chili, and unique knick-knacks gifts.

Bill Carle gave this final message to his guests in the interview with 9News:

“I would just like people to know I can’t find enough staff to open my dining room. And for all of those people who brought their grandmothers and their families up to look at the leaves and always had lunch at Echo Lake or always had a piece of pie at Echo Lake, I’m so sorry and I’m heartbroken. That we can’t do that this year for you, it hurts.”

Denver Mountain Parks has yet to reveal its plans for the future of the property. According to the Denver Post, they want to invest significantly in renovating the building. A video from 9News describing the situation is below.

Image/Video Credits: Echo Lake Lodge, 9 News

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