Senseless Tourists Gawk As Bison Climbs Onto Boardwalk (Video)

Senseless Tourists Gawk As Bison Climbs Onto Boardwalk (Video)


Senseless Tourists Gawk As Bison Climbs Onto Boardwalk (Video)


Uhhhh… can somebody in the US Federal Government please round the people up in the video below to ensure that they’re mentally stable?

In fact, it might be better just to immediately place them in an insane asylum because they’re clearly not right in the head.

Watch as a dozen or so of these numbskulls snap pictures of an aggressive bison from just inches away. The bison even climbs up on the boardwalk and moves towards the group, and while they retreat for a moment, they eventually move back in closer for a better shot.

Location: Yellowstone National Park

Storyful News & Weather: “Bison Climbs Onto Boardwalk at Yellowstone
A lone bison surprised tourists when it joined them on a boardwalk in Yellowstone National Park, sending some of them quickly into reverse before it crossed onto the other side. Video recorded by Claire McCauley shows tourists near the bison, before it decided to step up onto the boardwalk, much to their surprise. “No one got hurt, thankfully, The parks make it very clear to keep a safe distance between the animals and yourself,” McCauley told Storyful. Credit: Claire McCauley via Storyful”

Yellowstone National Park recommends that all guests stay at least 25 yards from bison. Bison can be aggressive, and have been known to charge and gore guests who did not give them ample space.
Knowing that, you can probably guess why I think the people in the video above are a bunch of senseless idiots.

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