Construction crews are hard at work over at Palisades Tahoe to finish the resort’s new Base To Base Gondola that will connect Palisades to Alpine.

The gondola, once completed, will effectively make Palisades Tahoe the third-largest ski resort in North America by acreage.

The resort has provided an update on the Base to Base gondola construction in the form of a long Facebook post. Most notably, crews successfully spliced cables at the Palisades base yesterday.

Check out the full details and pictures below:

It’s neat to see this beast of a gondola get completed in real-time, but I know there’s a lot of Palisades Tahoe locals that aren’t exactly thrilled that it’s being built.

We’ll have to wait and see how many skiers actually use it for transportation between Alpine and Palisades, but here’s hoping it doesn’t dramatically change the vibe over at Alpine. That place is still so special.