Have you ever wished that your hotel room came with a small skateboard halfpipe? Wish no longer.

The Amstel Botel in Amsterdam, Netherlands includes a unique loft-style room on top of a moored cruise ship that has its very own skateboard halfpipe.

YouTube channel Skateboard Bruh (sweet name) visited the hotel and ripped the pipe for us to enjoy. Check out the full video below:

Would you shell out nearly $300/night to stay here?

Skateboard Bruh: Check out Session: Skate Sim here: https://bit.ly/3f8z3dR Sponsored by Nacon So I was looking for the craziest place to skate in europe, not necessarily the most beautiful or biggest skateparks, just extraordinary. The reason for this is that there’s this hotel in Amsterdam and one of the rooms, one of the lofts is skateable. And I’ve known this loft for years, I know it exists in my own city but I’ve never visited it. Even a lot of my skateboarding friends have never been there. About a year ago I send them an email asking if I could make a video at their loft. They didn’t respond and I let this idea go for a while. Until I received an email from session wanting to do a sponsored video and when there’s a sponsored video it means the video gets a lot better because there’s a budget. So feeling a bit of pressure to create an entertaining youtube video I thought of this skateable hotel again. MORE ACTVITIY ON MY SECOND CHANNEL HERE: https://www.youtube.com/browsingwithb…