Ski resort officials, government officials, sustainability teams and more gathered earlier this month in Breckenridge for the Mountain Towns 2030 Climate Solutions Summit to discuss different ideas to meet a zero-carbon commitment. Mountain Towns 2030 seeks to encourage towns, resorts, and anyone else who contributes to climate change to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and completely drop carbon emissions by 2050.

Several programs across Colorado mountain towns have already been implemented, such as Eagle’s Community Energy Efficiency Program, which allows home and business owners to receive $50 energy assessments. Both Vail and Eagle are currently taking steps towards limiting, and even banning, single use plastics.

“One community did a 10-cent plastic bag fee and then they actually paid for a recycling manager. So, there are a lot of ways to expand this program. It’s what we should probably do, I mean, we have this net-zero goal and should probably not just go with the bare minimum.”Eagle council member Ellen Bodenhemier according to Vail Daily

According to CBS Colorado, Vail Resorts has already begun purchasing wind energy and diverting 50% of waste. By 2030, the property management company hopes to divert 100% of waste, encouraging proper recycling and composting. In order to truly reach their goal, however, Vail Resorts can’t be alone, and will have to work with their competitors.

“In climate change we’re all working together arm in arm, because it’s the only way that we’ll all win.” Kate Wilson, Vail Resorts Senior Director of Sustainability, to CBS Colorado

Image Credit: CBS Colorado on YouTube & Mountain Towns 2030 on Instagram

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