YouTuber Who Intentionally Crashed Plane For Views Refuses To Admit Guilt

YouTuber Who Intentionally Crashed Plane For Views Refuses To Admit Guilt


YouTuber Who Intentionally Crashed Plane For Views Refuses To Admit Guilt


Trevor Jacob, perhaps one of the internet’s most hated men, sat down with Vice News to discuss his infamous viral video in which he crashed his plane and jumped out of it for views on the internet.

If you haven’t seen that original video, click here.

The FAA determined that Jacob’s stunt was intentional, that his plane did not have a malfunction that required him to jump out of it, and he’s had his pilot license revoked as a result.

Despite all of this, Jacob choose to give a shit-eating grin and respond “I’m not going to answer that.” when a Vice News reporter asks him directly if he crashed the plane on purpose.

Skip ahead to the 17:27 mark to see that.

You can watch the full video embedded below by rewinding, or you can watch from the 14:45 mark that skips all of Jacob’s backstory.

I just can’t get over how smug and arrogant he is throughout this whole interview. He’s clearly a narcissist that is loving the attention, and he does not have any remorse for his extremely dangerous stunt.

He says at the 14:58 mark of the video: “It might make me a psychopath in a weird way, but like all the turmoil, I’ve probably never laughed harder in my life.”

While I don’t think Jacob is actually a psychopath by definition, he’s most definitely a sociopath. He’s completely unable to accept how his actions might have effected others.

He goes on to say that he won’t apologize for the stunt because nobody got hurt. Instead of claiming that the stunt was an accident, he completely ignores answering that question and instead lists all the things that didn’t go wrong as reasons for why he shouldn’t have to apologize.

Did his plane crash? Yes. Did his plane crash into a neighborhood and kill a bunch of people? No. So, therefore, he won’t apologize. The logic is assanine and proves that Jacob has no shame for how irresponsible his stunt was.

Trevor Jacob crashed his plane on purpose for a YouTube stunt, and there’s no way you can change my mind about it. He had a perfect opportunity in this interview to show us how he’s innocent, but instead he used it to further stoke the flames of his internet persona.

Please do not give this man anymore of your attention online. Also, why hasn’t YouTube deleted the video and/or banned him from the platform? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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